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Saturday, October 28


It has been almost exactly one year since I've posted here. It's hard for me to believe how time has gone by so quickly. I just turned 50. An entirely new age group. I'm still continuing to deal with how this happened and what it means. 

In the meantime I am trying to get back to writing more, which means blogging more, and one of the best things I ever did, back in the day, was start doing 100 Word Challenge. So, I am going to make a commitment to do this each week.

You can view other responses and the prompt here.

This week's word is "tradition." 

to all a good night

a Santa’s sled
glows red
from the top
of a mountain
inside a metal container.

brown cardboard boxes,
flaps worn, tape exhausted
“books” scrawled in uneven hand.
some neglected, few unread.

the frame of a bed,
source of
an argument
with my mother.
a nod to our only tradition.

clear tape twinkles in the darkness,
slashes of marker advise:
donate, keep, or family piece.
disassembled evergreen; family in pieces.

inside the box
that mountain left undisturbed.
a reprieve from the task at hand.

door rattles shut, money flutters out of my purse
            the gravel drive

and out of sight.