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Friday, February 10

What the 'efff, people?

I just dialed a wrong number.

It was a business that answered so I knew it right away. I said politely "Oh, excuse me I've dialed the wrong number." and hang up to search for another number.

While I am doing that, my phone rings and it's the woman I just called wanting to know, not very politely, "Yeah, WHO were you tryin' to reach?"

a. noneya bidness and
b. when I told her she said "Yeah, you have the wrong number!"

To which I couldn't stop myself from saying, "Um. Yeah, that's what I TOLD you." and hanging up.  On a positive note, I stopped short of adding "bitch" onto the end. So, yay me!

note to self: hanging up on someone is terribly anticlimactic when all you can do is touch a button on a touchscreen. Not very fulfilling at all!!

But seriously, y'all. What is wrong with people? I just do not understand. Why on earth would you take the time to bother me back like that? How nosey can someone be? And really, if it's a business, you're at work, right? Why do you have time for that nonsense?

Manners seem to have flown out the window anymore, what do ya'll think? or is it just that no one gives a flying flip?


Thursday, February 9

Feelin' Groovy!

Yesterday was the husband's birthday.

isn't he the cauuuutest thiiing???

Now, I'll be honest. I don't very often get sappy and lovey-dovey about our relationship.  I feel like after 17 years of being married we are past all of that stuff. We love each other and we show it. We care about each other and we show it. It's just not necessary to say it all the time to everyone in the world.

But I really, really love this man. And I know that he loves me. I KNOW that. I've never in our marriage felt one iota of jealousy because he always makes sure I know how much he loves me and how he is committed to me.

He lets me be crazy when I want to and reigns me back in when he needs to. He indulges me when he can and is honest with me when he needs to be. He always believes in me and my talents, even though he is sometimes the only one who does.

He stuck with me through years of serious and undiagnosed depression, when all I could tell him was "I just don't feel right". Through anger and sadness that I couldn't even explain. When we talked about it later, much much later, I asked him why he stayed. Why didn't he leave me?

"Because I made a commitment. And I love you. That's why," was all he said.

We've come through the roughest of the rough patches together, he and I, and things now are amazingly great. We are happy. It's not always been that way, and a lot of people don't know that, but it is good now.

This blog, for better or worse, is about what's going on in my life and what's going on in my head. Today, I am just overwhelmed with love for my husband, and I though just once I'd give in and let people know that.

People ask him all the time what he did to deserve me. I ask myself all the time, "what did I do to deserve him?" Honestly.