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Friday, February 10

What the 'efff, people?

I just dialed a wrong number.

It was a business that answered so I knew it right away. I said politely "Oh, excuse me I've dialed the wrong number." and hang up to search for another number.

While I am doing that, my phone rings and it's the woman I just called wanting to know, not very politely, "Yeah, WHO were you tryin' to reach?"

a. noneya bidness and
b. when I told her she said "Yeah, you have the wrong number!"

To which I couldn't stop myself from saying, "Um. Yeah, that's what I TOLD you." and hanging up.  On a positive note, I stopped short of adding "bitch" onto the end. So, yay me!

note to self: hanging up on someone is terribly anticlimactic when all you can do is touch a button on a touchscreen. Not very fulfilling at all!!

But seriously, y'all. What is wrong with people? I just do not understand. Why on earth would you take the time to bother me back like that? How nosey can someone be? And really, if it's a business, you're at work, right? Why do you have time for that nonsense?

Manners seem to have flown out the window anymore, what do ya'll think? or is it just that no one gives a flying flip?



  1. You're right. That call back was ridiculous for several reasons. You were gracious in indicating you realized you had dialed the wrong number instead of just hanging up with no explanation which is what I get OFTEN here. Don't worry about it.

  2. At work we get callers that say someone just called me from this number, but they have no idea who. We can have 30 or more people in the office, how in the world do we know who just called you!

    Our receptionists are a lot nicer than I am. They usually try and figure it out for the caller. I guess that's why I don't deal with people. I'm no good at it.

  3. I agree, Susie! We are so much alike, I wouldn't even bother in a case like that. I used to work the switchboard at a huge hotel downtown and we'd have people do that, I'd just have to laugh at them. 1500 employees not to mention guests? Yeah, hold on ONEEEE minute....

  4. The level of humanity is dying. Especially the respect. Customer service is no longer a service for customers. I talk to 700-1200 people a day. I am a switchboard operator.People are even more disrespectful when they're on a phone.

  5. OMG I was, a long time ago, a switchboard operator in a huge hotel in downtown Nashville, so I totally know what you mean! And I completely agree.
    Nice to have you here, thanks for commenting!