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Tuesday, June 8

Shout Out to Peaches!

Hubby sent me this email from work yesterday:

"So I'm sitting here working and Amy (his buddy at work) is reading and all of a sudden she breaks out in hysterical laughter. I'm like "WTF?" and she looks at me and says "Did you REALLY drive back here from PA with a frozen cat in your car??"

Yes, Amy, I am sorry to say we really did. He was in a Styrofoam cooler and we had to duct tape the lid down because he was a bit too big for it to close all the way down. But that is another story.

Then this message comes:
"She said to tell you that you have officially made her a "Follower".  And that she has never been a one of those ever in her life..."

Well, honestly, neither have I. Ever, and it has caused me a lot of heartache sometimes but overall, I highly recommend not being a follower. Unless it is a follower of my blog! **shameless self promotion goes here**

So, I just want to give a shout out to "Peaches" and thank her for conforming just a little to click "follow" on this blog. And thanks to all my followers, they are few, but totally awesome, all of them. Sarah L., who is one of my top 4 or 5 women for inspiration on how to live life (if I could just get it through my head). Hubby, always supportive and loving. My friend Kaye from MTSU who is hilarious and awesome (still waiting for that double date, KayKay!). My cousin Susie (Mitch's really but I call her mine too) whose name isn't really Susie but I call her that anyway. She is my weight loss inspiration and I also LOVE her Petey blogs. James K., former scooter buddy, Master of the Internet, and "big guy on campus" (he's also very generous). And last, but not least, my cutest follower (sorry honey) and the only 9 month old I know with her own blog, Eva Tensing Fischer. (Although my suspicion is that  mommy and daddy are reading Tinfoil Magnolia as bedtime stories, right?!) Check her out if you want some sweetness overload, she is Beeee-uuuuuu-tiful.

I appreciate everyone who reads and follows. I know there are many others who read as well who aren't followers. And that's...OK. Like I said before, I am not sure I have anything to say worth listening to, but this is a totally fun outlet and I am enjoying it immensely. 

So, who do I follow? Well, as we speak my Reader is full of blog updates on the 40 or so that I follow regularly. If you want to read someone who is totally laugh out loud funny, one of my favorites is Stephanie Snowe, who is a hilarious, raucous, beautiful, brutally honest person (and writer)(and mom)(to twins, no less). At least that's the impression I got in the 15 minutes I actually met her in person. Maybe it's just FaceBook that makes her seem that way! She has a wonderfully unique parenting style and tells it like it is. Oh, and she also has a book. With it's own website (love the site design and the book cover design by the way). Check her out, too.


  1. I feel so special. I not only got a sweet shout out, I got links to both my blogs. Don't worry, I'll remember you when I'm famous!!

    BTW, I called you my cousin earlier today too. I didn't even clarify the technicality of the relationship. We're bonded, girlie.

  2. Yes, we are. And...I will remember YOU when I am famous! ;)

  3. Love following your blog! Love reading your posts! Thanks for all your kind and hilarious words. Adam was looking around last night for more of that Helen Keller quote you wrote about in the previous post. (He isn't positive that he is that 'Adam' mentioned, but he suspects...)

    Can't wait to see you and Mitch sometime soon so we can dish about the subjects you write about and everything else too.

    much love to you,
    Team Eva T. Fischer

  4. Thank you Team Eva! That means a lot coming from you! You tell Adam that he is, of course, that Adam and will always be my only Adam! :) I love that man o' yours, he's one of a kind.

    Now that we're back in KY it will be so much easier to get to know each other better.

    Love to you as well!

    Team Magnolia