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Monday, December 20

Christmas Confessions Part 2

My bedroom? Is a mess. And pretty much 365 days a year it stays that way. Until we get ready to move or sell a house at which point it gets cleaned, organized and looking like something from a model home. Now ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem except for one small fact. It isn't MY bedroom, it is OUR bedroom. Mine and hubby's.

We've been married for 16.5 years and every year, I honestly resolve to do better about keeping the bedroom cleaned up. Really I do. It is just something in my DNA I guess, I really don't know. I keep clean sheets on the bed, clean towels in the bathroom, toilet paper on the roll (usually, shut up, m) but as far as keeping things picked up and put away I fail miserably. I know there are people who will be aghast at this post, but it is what it is. A confession. One of my girlfriends has told me she "wouldn't be able to sleep at night" if her bed hadn't been made that day. O...K.... I sleep fine, thanks.

During my younger years my mom went around and made the beds every day. When we got older she worked outside the home, and left it up to my brother and me to make our beds every day. Since I was always and forever running late for school, and everything else in life apparently, mine never got made. I usually pull up the covers and just go. But an unmade bed is the very least of my worries. The real culprit? Clothes.

I leave my home every day having made no less than 3 wardrobe changes. And that's a very conservative number. Ask hubby. So when I come home at night, there is usually a pile of clothing stacked up from everything that fit wrong, looked wrong, didn't match or just didn't suit me. On the bed, on the bench at the end of the bed, flung every which way. Now, most of the time I will be good and put the clothing back on hangers or in the drawers. But the problem starts when we get home late, or I am too tired, and I think "I will just sit these here until tomorrow and put them away then." And that is how the stacking starts. Then I forget. And it's bedtime again. And there may be clothes from that day that got cast off. Add them to the pile....you get the idea.

Later in the week, I find myself needing a certain pair of pants or a shirt that I love and I have to hunt through those piles of clothing that are by now taking up not only the bench, but the entire top of the dresser (which I haven't seen once in the year we've been in this house), and sometimes on top of the basket on the floor beside my bed when there's overflow from the dresser.

Then there's the laundry. I don't mind doing laundry, sometimes I hate to fold. And I always hate to put it away. So on weekend nights at bedtime, take last night for instance, there could be a mountain of laundry on the bed that will take both of us 30 minutes to fold and put away. Why does that get put away? Well, obviously because the dresser, bench, and basket are already full, silly!

Add to this problem the fact that I always, always, always have a stack of books beside my bed to be read, or finished reading, or didn't like it and I am not going to finish I will donate. Then add to that the fact that hubby and I both have stacks of magazines that we read each month and toss on the floor. Bedside tables have kleenex, reading glasses, alarm clocks, lamps, medication, hand lotion, books, notebooks and pens...well, you get the idea.

I usually try to clean and organize the bedroom when we have company, but since moving to this house I haven't really gotten it done yet. We've had people over and I just shut the bedroom door. Sometimes people wander in there and I just yell "careful in there, it's a mess!" (understatement of the year) I figure if they are that nosey, then they can take their chances with the threat of avalanche.

Now, I am taking the majority of the blame for this messy room. Don't get me wrong. There is plenty of room for blame with the hubby too. He has clothes lying around, shoes kicked off, bathroom stuff out on the counters, and books and magazines, too. But neither of us seem to mind it when it's time to go to bed. At least not enough to do something about it.

I am reading a book right now that says your bedroom should be a beautiful, peaceful haven of rest. That makes me laugh. Seriously, y'all. I wish.

So what is your secret, or not so secret, housekeeping confession?


  1. If you and Mitch are ok with the bedroom that way, then leave it. It is no one else's business.

    BTW, in high school I had this real phobia of wearing something twice in one week, or the same thing every Monday, so I came up with this elaborate system of piling my clothes in various places to avoid such a horrible social error! I'm sure my bedroom looked messy to the uninformed, but it was highly organized.

  2. I ask Bobina for two things. A clear path to the bathroom and Buddy the Golden Retreiver DOES NOT sleep with us. Other than that I don;t care. I'm the neat person, she and the girls are not.

    My only confession or secret is I will use cleaning the kitchen or girls bedrooms as punishment for my daughters so I don;t have to do it sometimes. Same for the girls bedrooms, if they get in troubke, cleaning their room is the first thing that gets thrown down.


  3. We were having a lot of family over last winter- so of course we had to use our bed for the coats. Instead of folding and putting away the mountain of clean laundry, I bought 2 large wicker hampers and shoved everything in. I told myself it was temporary- I would fold the laundry after the party. You know how it is. I would now have to take a sabbatical from work and school to devote to the laundry to actually complete the penance.