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Sunday, July 7


Tagging on to JanaA's Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

Because the holiday was on Thursday, my newspaper/work deadline was Monday rather than Tuesday. So I just started the week off with a day missing. Then I was off work on vacation the remainder of the week, which made every day feel like a Saturday.

This week, though, since I was off last week my Monday is going to be rough. I will have 4 days worth of work to get done in one day. Talk about the Mondayest of Mondays!!! I'm glad I have an intern for the next few weeks to help me out or I'd never make it.

The time off was awesome, though. Even though it was only 3 days, it's the most consecutive time off I've taken in a long time. Months. It's good to unwind.

Thursday night around 10 p.m., however, someone I know just HAD to send me a text and complain about her little league tournament and why didn't we have anything in the paper and we are not being "pro community" or working for the kids. This despite the fact that we had already made plans to have pictures and stories in the upcoming paper, and the tournament was still going on when our Monday deadline came!

****Getting that call on Thursday night ruined the next two days of my vacation because I kept getting angry about it. Now I'm irritated at her and myself for stealing my vacation.******


  1. Don't you hate that, when you've just started enjoying yourself and someone has to come along and rain on your parade? I'm sorry that happened! Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. Oh man... I would be mad, too. Dang. Here's to a week full of Thursdays this week :)