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Tuesday, July 13

Thank goodness it isn't a Monday

The first thing I said when I woke up this morning was "It's blustery outside." Hubby was doubtful that I actually could forecast the weather without opening the dark curtains in the bedroom, but I just knew it. No sunshine streaming in, the quiet splash of rain running through the gutters, the swooshing sound as cars drove by on the wet neighborhood streets. Sure enough, it's blustery out today.

Blustery is a word I have to say I never used until about 5 years ago when I met my neighbor (at the time) Isaac. Isaac moved in across the street from us with his parents and adorable pugs. He was a little curly, red-haired cutie of about 4. When it rained or was wet out, he would don a yellow raincoat and his rainboots to take walks with his mom and the dogs. His mom was so very sweet and such a great person to have for a neighbor. She told me one rainy day that Isaac called days like this "blustery". At first I was amazed that he even knew the word, until it dawned on me that Winnie the Pooh had blustery days as well, so of course he knew the word! I thought it was so awesome that I decided to start using the word myself. I personally think blustery is the exactly right word to describe days like today. (and certain politicians and talk radio hosts but, well,  that is not a posting for Ms. Marsha or Tinfoil Magnolia)

Anyway, whenever it is blustery out I think of my little friend and his rain boots, even though he's probably not so little anymore. We had to relocate about a year after his family moved in and although we emailed back and forth for a while we've now lost touch. That is how it is in life sometimes. I was thinking this morning how strange it is that there are people you see every day, neighbors or co-workers. You might not be in their inner circle of friends, or they in yours, but you share the details of your life in passing. Sometimes you see them more often than some family members. Then a job change or a move occurs and they aren't in your life anymore. They are replace by new co-workers or new neighbors who you do see on a daily basis and you have all the details to learn all over again.

Then you have your best friends who, although you may not see them more than once a year, are always there for you. The ones who, when you tell them that you quit your new job because you hated what you were doing and it stressed you out beyond belief to work all day in the chaos that surrounds a 4 month old who comes to work with her mother every day, say "You quit your job? Yay! Come hang out with me at the pool Wednesday!" I LOVE THAT! Not, "why?" not, "you're such a princess, whatever!" not, "well, what are you going to do now, quitter?" not, "you are so flighty, what is with you? not, "you're such a slacker". Just "Yay! Come hang out with me!".

Apparently? All those other things? Yeah, that was me. It was all in my head. It isn't just rainy days and Mondays that get me down. My life, honestly...


  1. I immediately thought of Winnie the Pooh, when I saw the title. I also thought 'tut, tut, it looks like rain' another Pooh-ism that has stuck with me through the years!

  2. I gave you an award.