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Sunday, April 3


Today's post is my entry into this week's 100 Word Challengehosted by Velvet Verbosity. The 100 Word Challenge is an exercise in which we write exactly 100 words in response to the weekly prompt word. Click the link to read the other entries–good stuff over there! 

This week's prompt was "voice". My entry is an excerpt from a biographical essay I wrote recently.

There was a large magnolia tree in the front yard of her home. The red haired girl loved to crawl under the limbs of the tree. In the humid southern summers it provided cool shade and she would lie there for hours daydreaming and watching the sun move through the dense foliage.

When she was old enough to read she spent days on end sitting there with a Nancy Drew mystery in her hands and the sweet aroma of the blossoms surrounding her like a blanket. She would stay under her tree until her mother's voice called her for dinner.


  1. very evocative

    reminds me of my summers in Hiawasse Georgia with my now deceased grandparents, playing under their magnolia tree.

    well done

  2. I had wondered - thank you for the peek into your past, Ms Marsha.

  3. simple yet very effective. I really enjoyed your piece

    visiting from 100 word challenge

  4. I had a weeping willow to sit under. Thank you for this memory.

  5. Really nice. My childhood best friend had a magnolia in the yard. We spent many a sweet day within its embrace, laughing and dreaming. The blooms never lasted long enough. Thanks for the memory for me as well!

  6. I hardly ever critique...in fact, maybe never. I'm not an english professor after all. But I feel compelled to note that I would take out "of her home" in that first line. The flow is so languorous throughout the rest of the piece, but those three words in the beginning stick out.

    That's the challenge of writing in 100 words sometimes. I've had to add or take away in ways that disrupted flow.

    Anyway, the only reason I critique here is because it was so delicious otherwise. For a moment I felt the dappled sunshine and smelled the magnolias. Beautiful capture.

  7. Velvet, thank you so much for the suggestion. I will always take critique as I am new to this and many times don't recognize things like that. Helps me learn! So thank you, and thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.