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Saturday, December 29

Manly what???

I have several email accounts. I'm not so sure I'm very different from most people. I have my work email, my personal email and then a couple of "junk" email accounts. I know you all know what I mean.

They didn't start out that way. I might have really intended to use my gmail account when we dropped Comcast and I knew I'd need an alternative. Whatever. But then, you sign up for a couple newsletters online. Or enter a contest. Or get a "frequent buyer" card somewhere and they need your email.

I don't want to have all that coming to my work email. And if it went to my personal email well, I'd never see my important personal messages for all the spam and advertising and such. So, my gmail became the toss away email that I just use for registrations, contests, giving to strange men at the liquor store. What? Like we all don't do that.

I don't ever really really check that email. I open it almost every day. Anything I can see on my screen I'll scan to see what looks interesting, but I never scroll down past the first few messages. It has to be something to really catch my attention.

So, you can pretty much guarantee that if I'm going through my email and I see a subject line that reads "Manly cat photos" I'm gonna click on it. I mean seriously? Manly cat photos? I have got to see what that's about.

Visions of cats in 3 piece suits danced in my head. Cats driving race cars or on the gridiron. Perhaps playing poker or hockey.

What I found? Was this:

 and this:  

and even more disturbingly, this:

He's wearing a bow tie. Not even a scaled down one,  a big giant floppy bow tie. Oh, the humanity.

Well, just go here and check them all out. Somehow, I think CALLING them manly somehow makes them even less manly. And just, well, disturbing. I think "Men and cats" could suffice as a title.

And I don't want to take anything away from the photographer. She looks like a super-cool chick, and they are all staged and lit impressively. I just personally find them to be disturbing. Oh, so, disturbing. Especially the one with the kitchen scene.

Stay classy, internet. As for me I'm gonna go order me some "Dogs playing poker."

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