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Saturday, March 30

I'm the kind of girl....

I used to blog about things I did or saw every day or people who made me laugh or shake my head. My life right now is just too complicated for my blog postings. Too much back story. However, on a happy note, my work right now is amazing inspiration for a book.

So my blogger-writer-tweeter-book of face-published-damn-author friend Lance did a blog post about what kind of guy he is. I really enjoyed reading it and thought it would be a great idea to use that as inspiration for getting me back into regular blog posts. It's also an amazing way to get to know people.

So here goes-a fascinating (though unsolicited) look into the real me:

I'm the kind of girl who should wear a warning sign. Specifically "Ensure coffee delivery before engaging in conversation." Or maybe something like "contents are not what they seem."

I am the kind of girl who believes that people owe one another a basic amount of respect. It's not to be earned, it's to be lost. That being said, I'm also the kind of girl who won't forgive easily when you've pissed on me.

I'm the kind of girl who believes that everyone on this earth should be equal. It's something that was instilled in me since my days as a little girl in church singing "Jesus loves me." As an adult who is non-religious (humanist/questioning/agnostic/atheist)  I realize singing that song, and taking it to heart as I often do vs. things I heard and saw those adults in my church say or do in life....well, it is a prime example of the disconnect I felt while I was in religion.

I'm the kind of girl who shakes my head and/or roll my eyes at couples who say "we do everything together." That's just. not. right. And don't get me started about sharing an email or facebook page. That's not rooted in love, it's rooted in jealousy and control. Just sayin'.

I'm the kind of girl who believes in that overwhelming, explosive, passionate, take-your-breath-away, all-consuming type of romantic love.....but also knows that isn't the kind of love to last you a lifetime. That kind of love? It's much deeper, constant, steady.

I'm the kind of girl who says things like "I will kick his (her) ass," while sitting at an opera or a play.

I'm the kind of girl who has always gotten along better, and been closer friends, with guys than girls. Bitches be crazy. Also, I'm apparently the kind of girl who says things like "bitches be crazy."

I'm the kind of girl who can't take a compliment, I feel sometimes like people are making fun of me. i.e. "Your hair looks great!" me "What's wrong with my hair?" or "I love that dress!" me: "Well, it's a little tight on my hips."  I know, it's messed up. I'm sure there's someone in my grade-school years who instilled this belief and I'm pretty sure I know what her name was.

I'm the kind of girl to whom integrity is utterly important. I like people who are what they say they are, who act what they speak, and who show the same person to everyone in their life. Because that is who I struggle to be every day. I am not nice all the time. I'm not nasty all the time. But anyone, anywhere can be on either side of me.

And by the way, I am the kind of girl who is opinionated, passionate, strong, determined, open minded, and honest about who I am. What kind of girl/guy are you?


  1. You're the kind of girl that is ruled by your intelligence and your heart. I'm the kind of guy who is thrilled you and your husband have chosen me as your friend.

    1. Lance, thanks. I think that's the best compliment I've gotten in a very long while.

      And you're the kind of guy who has allowed us in, we are lucky.

  2. I am glad you are the kind of girl that is posting again. I missed you.

    1. Thanks Susie! I'm trying so hard to be "back." It's taking conscious thought but I'm starting out with a couple days a week.

  3. Hello Ms. Marsha! I've lurked for years but have never posted. So glad you put this up! I'm struggling with regular blogging myself and think I may borrow this idea. Since I'm that kinda girl. ;)


    1. That's wonderful! I rarely get to be an inspiration but I like it. I stole from Lance so feel free to take it away! I will look forward to reading about you.

  4. I'm the kind of woman who enjoys hearing and reading of all you do and think. I'm so glad you consider me a friend. I'm also the kind that while loving you and is very happy for you, I'm also jealous of your loving relationship with your husband. At least I do know people who found it and work hard to keep it! There is much more to me and some I don't want to even begin to see much less admit. Let's see if I ever have the guts to write some of it some day...

  5. You're a doll. It pains me like you wouldn't believe to know I have some friends who are so wonderful and amazing who haven't found love. I am as ever in awe of your strength, your beautiful daughter, your loyalty and your creative abilities.

    I hope you write your story and face your demons. It's all very liberating.