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Monday, January 10

Dreams and Confessions

Things have been weird lately. I don't know what's going on in my body or in my head but it is starting to mess with me. I am normally not one to complain, but in the words of Michael Stipe "somethin's goin' on here that's not quite right".

I have been having crazy, strange dreams lately. But stranger than that is the fact that I actually remember them when I wake up. I have rarely ever been able to do that. Two nights ago I dreamed about some old friends of ours who we haven't seen in years. Which is criminal since we've been moved back to the south for a year now and are now less than an hour away from their house. It was a wonderful dream in which the husband (a talented singer/songwriter) was playing guitar and singing and we were all at some kind of outdoor party, sitting in the grass, their beautiful daughters were there and my sweet friend Kimberly was being her sweet self. It made me miss them so much that when I woke up I had to send her a message about it and to say how much I missed her.

Last night I had a really strange dream about being interviewed by a panel of doctors. They were interviewing me to go into a detox program. But it wasn't just a detox program, it was a food detox program. Yep, you heard me. I sat there in a windowed office answering truthfully about the way I ate, how much I ate, when I exercised or if at all, on and on and on. Finally they decided that I was a tragic enough case and yes, I could pay for the pleasure of being detoxed and cured of my food addiction. Then one of the doctors took me to the fitness center where I stood, Bambi-like in the midst of a bunch of neanderthal-like muscle heads.

Why on earth would I dream such a thing? Well, the answer is pretty simple. In 2010 I lost a huge (number remains undisclosed, but somewhere north of 40lbs. and south of 100) amount of weight. I went on a medically supervised eating program and lost it in a relatively quick amount of time. As of right now,  I have been off that eating plan for the longest period of time since last June. The reason is that I decided to take a break after my last 6 week, willpower challenging, friend amazing, eat next-to-nothing round of weight loss. After my initial 6 weeks of maintenance, I decided that I would eat normally through the holidays. Problem with this?


Hel-loooo? That's why I had to lose weight in the first damn place. When it comes to food, I am not normal. I know there are both people who believe this and people who scoff at it, but I? have. a food addiction. I KNOW it. What I can't get a grip on is exactly how to deal with it. So, the minute I came off my diet, did maintenance for 6 weeks as instructed, what is the first thing I do? Well, it was the week of my birthday, back in October. I had been off sugar entirely for 12 weeks and I ate 1/2 of an entire pecan pie. Now y'all. That's not normal. And why did I eat 1/2 of a pecan pie? In one day? Because it was sitting there. Taunting me. I wasn't hungry. I was stressed, and it looked good. And made me feel better.  If that doesn't sound like an addict I don't know what does.

So I think to myself, "OK, that won't happen again. It's over." And I get right back to healthy food, lose that 5 pound gain and try to move on. I told my friends and husband that I would take a weight loss break and eat normal over the holidays. (they were slightly concerned about the speed of my loss and the small amounts I had been eating) And I did. If you call a break eating anything and everything in sight including all kinds of sugar, candy, cake or cookies as if it's my last day on earth. I need help, y'all seriously. Now, I have gained back 10 pounds of my loss. If you knew what I had eaten in the last 3 months you'd be shocked it wasn't more than that. So now, I have to face not only getting off the rest of my weight, but 10 pounds I already lost. Suck!

Add to this the fact that I had gotten into a great routine of visiting the gym on a daily basis for yoga, water aerobics, or treadmill at least 5 days/week. Now? It has been hmm....2 months as well since I have darkened the door. I know if I could give up sugar and get back to the gym, I wouldn't even have to diet. How could I have that much willpower for 12 weeks to eat next to nothing, pack my lunch, watch other people eat, and now I can't even do those 2 things? I try not to be hard on myself, y'all. I try to practice moderation, but it just isn't as easy as all that. Not for me.


  1. parallel lives

    I have been having strange, vivid dreams lately, analyze this one:


    The theme have been, college, music, a7 things I missed out on doing.

    Eating healthy is a lifestyle. I work out all the time and still have 10 lbs that never go away and a slight paunch that makes me want to punch the mirror.

    Good luck with your diet.

  2. I've been having strange dreams too, the difference is that I almost always remember mine.

    I've been meaning to email you to tell you that I'm back on the juice. I had gained 18 lbs!!! Most of that came back of the first week, and now I've just got 3 lbs to go to get to my lowest point over the summer. Believe me, I spent a lot of time beating myself up over that.

    This is a hard program for sure. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is weighing in the morning and seeing the number go down. I am determined that this is my last round of this. I'm giving myself positive affirmations saying that I'll be at my goal by Valentine's Day. Check with me then!

    Anyway, you'll get back with the program when the time is right for you. Don't worry about it. Stress can give you weird dreams!!!