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Thursday, January 6

The Best of 2010

Oh, Magnolia readers, I have been a terrible blogger. Thanks to you all for hanging with me through my wonderful journey into the Blogiverse this year. Thank you for coming back even when I don't post anything but my 100 Word entries, or bad poetry, or rants on old ladies in the grocery store. I would love to post something hilarious and great every day, or at least 4 days a week, but alas it seems that if I don't get out and do things then there are no tales to be told. And it's cold out there, ya'll!

As I wake up this morning the yards in my neighborhood are covered in a dusting of snow although the roads and driveways remain clear. It's beautiful out there, but I am warm and cozy with a hot cup of coffee wearing my flannels and fleece. Recently I was reading a blog in which the blogger listed his top 10 most read posts of the year. Although I should have done this prior to the end of 2010 I thought I might do it now. Maybe just the top 5. I have been blogging since April, being a very latecomer to this world as with everything else in my life. In the nine month life of my blog I have seen my monthly traffic go from less than 30 hits each month to over 900 each month in October and November. So, thanks! Thanks for continuing to check in at TM and read about the nonsense that is my life, my writing and my storytelling. I am really having a great time doing it. I love all my readers. Like. So. Much!

That being said, I know I have readers who haven't been here from the beginning, and maybe haven't seen these posts. I recently went through and read everything from the beginning to now, and I have to admit I was laughing. So. Hard. I'm not being arrogant here, I had totally forgotten about writing some of these posts. 'Cause I'm young like that.

So anyway, for your reading pleasure, here is Ms. Marsha's Top 5 most read posts of 2010:

5. Christmas Confessions-Christmas Eve Edition Hubby said this post was a bit harsh, but I stand by what I wrote. I am not bitter toward cheerleaders, I just didn't like high school. Number one read, but the fewest comments posted shows that not everyone probably agrees with my view. Oh, well.

4. It Was Time No idea why except that I posted our new pictures. Not really much to say here bloggy wise.

3. You Say It's Your Birthday? A peek into Ms. Marsha's childhood.

2. But Then, What do I Know? Meme post in which I outline 10 things I believe.

1. I love Halloween I am so shocked this post was the most read, I guess I touched a nerve.

Now just a note here, I had 5 100 Word challenge posts within my Top 10 but I didn't count those as they are bound to get a lot of hits.  But if you'd like to check those out they were 5) In this Moment, 4) Disparity, 3) Afterlife, 2) Kissing Strange Boys and 1) Home
These all give a very in-depth look into who I am as a person and as a writer.

Now, for those of you who are relatively new to the blog, I am going to list MY Top 5 Favorite posts of all time. These posts embody what I intended the flavor of Tinfoil Magnolia to be when I started the blog, and before I got derailed with all this "writerly" stuff. This is my life, these are my favorites. Take a moment to check them out if you haven't already:

5. Karma's a Bitch Cosmic Slap-down
4. C'mon Down! New business idea in typical smartass style
3. My Soap Box I still get upset thinking about this one.
2. One for the Road The Cool Whip Queens
1. My Big, Fat Redneck Weekend In which I attend demo derby

And if you want more insight on me or my family situation, I would recommend the following posts:
No, Virginia there is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, The Man Who Raised Hubby, What Doesn't Kill You, Strange Days Indeed, and Not My Mama! or How it is With Dad

And if you still want to read this blog, I will gratefully welcome you back for more madness in 2011!! Go ahead, hit the follow button. You know you wanna! Happy New Year, Y'all.

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