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Tuesday, August 16

Day 2: Look a fool

I do things every day that make me look a fool. But here is some pictorial evidence of such:

I blame my mom.

OK, I did this one to myself.
Didn't want to be outdone by 'Retha!

This one was birthday humiliation.
Thanks, friends who shall remain nameless. 
At the holiday card photo shoot.
What is with that look?
There seems to be a common theme of hats in most of these. I wear a lot of hats. (Literally and figuratively.) Anyway, not quite sure how else to look a fool. Most of what I do that makes me look like a fool defies explanation. I do stupid stuff every day that doesn't get captured, thank goodness.

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  1. The birthday hat is a winner, and the Christmas shot had me laughing out loud.