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Wednesday, August 18

Who Stole My Day?

Before her the list stretched out, long and lean. Seemingly endless like a set of railroad tracks heading for the horizon. Lines eventually ran together as she studied it and, seeing nothing appealing,  rewrote it and numbered it, masterfully delaying the progress. 

Hearing the Sirens' Call from the other side of the desk she logs on for just a moment.  It's early, 7 am, plenty of time. Besides there's email to check. Work to do. Who's online now? What's going on?  Status Update. Quick tweet. Check email again. Wait, four o'clock already? 

Status Update: "The list still endless for tomorrow." 

This week's word –"Failed"
This post is my entry into the 100 Word Challenge, hosted each week by Velvet Verbosity. 
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  1. I can totally relate! The computer has a big appetite, and what it likes best is time.

  2. The amount of times I've tweeted "Wait, is that the time?!" has to be in the hundreds. I once spent an hour trying to find my first tweet.
    You're welcome to borrow some of my time, I don't use it very well!

  3. Been there, done that! I have to keep lists of my lists.

  4. love the list...and the computer derailing progress on the list:)

  5. This sounds all too familiar! Well-written!

  6. Thanks for the validation everyone. Thought it was just me!:)
    Procrastinator + Computer = Daily Failure should have been my title.

  7. This has never happened to me. Except, well...OK, every day. :)