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Saturday, August 28

No Man's Land

Today's post is my entry into this week's 100 Word Challenge, hosted by Velvet Verbosity. The prompt was "corridor".

I am no longer that cute young thing of 22. Or even 32.
I am not yet that hunched over elderly woman with arthritic fingers.

Somewhere in between these is the land where I reside.
My body a corridor, bridging that gap between old and young.
Feeling some days closer to one or the other
but never really either.

To the left are younger days.
Left behind in a haze of working too hard at the wrong job.
Left behind in the stress of daily living.

On the right is my future.
Right there in front of me.
Right now.


  1. What a great concept! I can very much relate to it - but have never thought of it in these terms before. Love it!

  2. You so accurately tell the story of the middle. I like this alot!

  3. I like this a lot. Judging from your picture, I may be farther down the corridor than you, but here's the good news. It's a little like those dream corridors. The more you walk, the farther you go down the corridor, the longer the corridor gets. And "right in front of me" is never right now, not so far, anyway. It moves away as you approach it. This is a good thing.

    (OK, Karma can just shut up. My "word verification" word was HAGNESS. Not funny.)

  4. My body is a corridor- brilliant.

    I am turning 40 in 2 weeks. This captured my physical and emotional angst. Thank you.

  5. i absolutely love the image of the body as a corridor. and i love your series of lefts and rights at the end. beautiful structure.

  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, Lance, welcome to the 40's it is a big party. Yeah. That.

  7. This is lovely. I'm thinking maybe it's in the gap where all the real magic happens.