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Wednesday, September 1

September 1

Some have asked me why I haven't been posting as much lately. It seems I haven't had time for much of anything. I have been keeping busy with design work, which is good. Three project deadlines over the last two weeks. Not that I am complaining, keep the work coming! Mom and I haven't had our Fridays lately, for one reason or another. First I was busy, the next week she had company, one week it rained, and this past week I was just too lazy to get up at 6am. Finances are keeping hubby and I close to home these days. His truck required a major repair for the second time this summer, so that really cut into the budget. However, being ever-so resourceful he bought the part himself and recruited a friend to assist in the driveway repair job. (So lucky I am to have a handy man!)

 Needless to say I am lacking in original stories to tell. The few things I have gone out and done involve really good stories, but ones which I am bound by the "girlfriend code" not to tell. I had to say goodbye to my morning water-cise classes because the people were just aggravating and the evening classes, full of button down professionals, are much smaller and less raucous.

Patience, grasshoppers! My life is nothing if not incredible (or incredibly strange) and I know something blog-worthy will happen to me soon. Hubby and I have a 4 day weekend coming up and Friday is payday. There's some trouble just waiting to happen. Oh, and I start taking a yoga class next week. There must be a few stories in that.

Meanwhile, take a look at the new post on hubby's blog. He steals all my good material.



  1. Steals??? Hey, that happened to me I have a legitimate ownership claim..

    But I do love ya! And thanks for the Blog Shout-out....

  2. It is as if we are living the same life, right down to our husband's trucks breaking down- twice!

    Enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Christina, if we are, I am sorry for the both of us! :) Enjoy your weekend too and let's hope for better days in the 3rd quarter of the year.