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Saturday, September 4

Aaaaahhh....Weekend. Yay??

Working on bills today and wondering exactly why we love Saturdays so much. I mean, most of the time Saturday is just chock full of all the things you don't have time to do during the week like grocery shopping, house cleaning and laundry. But still, even someone like me who isn't gainfully employed looks forward to the weekend.

I blame Loverboy. We ARE all workin' for the weekend. We are just trying to get through the Monday-Friday drag so that we can spend 48 hours away from our dumb-ass annoying co-workers. How do I know this, you might ask, seeing as I am my own co-worker? Because. I have had many jobs in my life. And many dumb-ass co-workers. Really.

Like the guy who sat at the desk next to me and had OCD. Every day he went to lunch and left one sheet of paper and 3 pens lined up perfectly on his desk. Every now and then I would tilt one pen about 5 degrees just to mess with him. As soon as he walked in the room he would go straight for it, he had to straighten it immediately, making me laugh hysterically behind my office wall.

Or the older lady whom everyone in the office called "Mee-Maw". The first 2 weeks I worked there, I thought she actually was the grandmother of the girl who trained me. But no. They all just called her Mee-Maw. She was so very sweet, but there was no doubt that she was a ditzy blonde in her day. I have no end to the hilarious stories I could tell about Mee-Maw, not the least of which is the time she bought a Flow-bee to cut her husband's hair. But the thing I remember most was our supervisor coming out of his glass-walled office and RUNNING across the bullpen to her desk. I looked up to see Mee-Maw (who was well into her 60's) standing on her desk furiously twisting the fire sprinkler thingie. The boss asked her what she was doing and told her to get down from there before she killed herself. She innocently replied "Well, I was cold and I thought I could turn up the heat." No joke.

Then there was the girl who had nothing to do. Seriously. She would come in and finish her work and rather than helping someone else who had too much on their plate (like the rest of us did) she would put a report on the desk in front of her and stare at it all day. The rest of us were working 60 hour weeks.

Oh, and how could I forget the girl who kept a gun in her filing cabinet. Yes, I have had no end to strange co-workers, I wish I had kept notes all these years. So I guess weekends are our gifts to have a break from these co-workers, get some things done at home, and spend time with our ever-delightful families. Yeah. No crazies there.

Speaking of which, my husband just came in from outside saying, "Did you get my text? I texted you from the lawnmower." My life, honestly....

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