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Wednesday, September 8

Is it Friday yet?

So here I sit. It is 2 days after the completion of the holiday weekend and I am still trying to recuperate. Catch up. Feel better. I worked too hard Saturday, I had too much fun Sunday, I felt like death all day yesterday. However, I woke up this morning only feeling like a truck backed over me, so that's progress. Right? I do not feel like doing anything that should be done, I am procrastinating some very important tasks, and I feel horrible for acting a fool at a friend's house over the weekend. Oh, and to top it all off, I was already scheduled to start back on my incredibly strict 6-week food plan this week. And I don't wanna! But I gotta. Just another Wednesday at 213, right?

So, needless to say, I am really looking forward to Friday. Already. All summer long I have spent most of my Fridays with Mom. Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, I feel kinda sad that summer has just about left the building. As if something has come to an end. I am still reacclimating to the South after being in PA for 4 winters, and I suppose I still have that Pavlov-type response to the thought of fall and winter. Ouch! It hurts! Gray skies, weeks without sunshine, snow on the ground for months, below zero temps for days on end.  I keep trying to remember that the summers here are much more long and drawn out and the fall is longer, warmer, and full of sunshine. But I miss summer already.

However, the end of summer means that Mom and I have to find something new to do on Fridays if we want to spend time together. This summer we've spent the majority of Fridays together in her "hot rod Dodge" tooling around the countryside, looking for yard sales and occasionally being stopped by the police. (See above link for details) I have picked up some great deals including the following:

Great light fixture for my dining room: $3
(we're remodeling a house–again. In case you don't know. Yay! Us! **insert eye roll here**)

Antique cookbooks from the 1950's with the owner's notes and scribbles in them. I am such a cookbook geek, I got so excited over these. I think they were maybe .50 each.

Speaking of antiques, check out this way cool hat! No real purpose for it, just liked it.

My new Oh-so-Mod Computer bag. This was $1. Doesn't look to be used at all. I LOVE this bag. Skulls and poodles, what could be better than that? I know! Wearing my snazzy pink hat when I carry it!

And last but not least, best deal of the summer hands down? My boots. BRAND NEW Justin Ropers. $1 Seriously! Never been walked in. I literally asked the woman if that was the right price tag.  Now let me put a disclaimer here, lest anyone peg me for a geographical stereotype. Anyway, I do not, repeat DO NOT a) listen to country music b) go to country bars c) wear a cowboy hat, boots, chaps, or the full getup out anywhere in public, **not that there's anything wrong with that–any of it–to each his own**. HOWEVER, I do love a good pair of boots and I own about a dozen pair, everything from Doc Martens to fur lined winter boots to "fm's" that usually sit in the closet and never get worn. But I had been looking for a long time for some Western boots that weren't **too** cowboy-ish, pointy, or ornate. In fact, since my favorite pair got stolen right out of my car in a downtown Nashville parking garage in 1992. Miraculously, these fit the bill. They are actually better than the stolen boots, and they will be too cute with skirts! I grew up riding horses and living in the country so I am allowed, even though I am now a card-carrying "city girl". And I do listen to Dwight and Lyle, so there's that.

So, anyway, that is what I did with my summer vacation, how about you? Mom and I were discussing what our Fridays will be when the weather gets too cold. I guess we'll bake or eat. That will be great for my weight loss. She doesn't like movies or shopping, doesn't get manicures, and won't go to the theatre, concerts, or museums. Those are all the things I like to do. I don't go to church, that is the thing she likes to do. Apparently. So we'll see what the future brings. I think all that is left? Cards, quilting, or jigsaw puzzles. Good times! In the meantime, I am going to enjoy every Friday that is left in the warm weather season, because Christmas will be here before we know it.

Speaking of which. Check out this super snazzy blender my mom scored for $2! My blender started leaking and I was in need of a new one. This is what my mom comes up with. I am literally afraid to use it. It is from 1966, in the original box and all the paperwork still in it. What do you think Oster would do if I sent in the warranty card?

Anyway, Yee-Haw, ya'll! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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  1. I always feel a little sad this time of year too. I love the summer, and as you know, it is hard for me to get too hot. I.LOVE.SUMMER!