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Wednesday, September 22

Truth in Advertising

I really think I use the "LOL" way too much. Seriously. I think all these abbreviations and emoticons are causing us to bend reality just a bit. I came to this realization when I was reading a blog post today that really, truly made me laugh. Loudly and uncontrollably. Suddenly LOL just didn't seem enough anymore.

I realized that sometimes I read something that will make me smile. Sometimes it causes me to do that silent laugh thing. And occasionally I will do a soft chuckle. But rarely do I EVER truly laugh out loud. And I will still comment "LOL". So is it a lie to post LOL? When I didn't really laugh out loud? It is definitely an exaggeration. Or am I just overthinking?

I think I am going to lobby the general public for a couple of additions to the internet vernacular:

SLTS (Silently Laughing to Self)
YMMS (You Made Me Smile) or maybe just MMS (Made Me Smile)
GFAC (Good for a Chuckle)
RDLOL (Really Did Laugh out Loud)
MMLAS (Made Me Laugh and Snort)
JCSL (Just Cackled So Loud)
SCOMM (Spit Coffee On My Monitor) or the alternate SCOMN (Spit Coffee Out My Nose)

Anyway, spread the word. I am launching a one woman campaign for Emotional Truth on the Internet. There will be a day. Maybe even a telethon. It will be huge. Al Gore is at the ready. So is Brad Pitt.

PS–Can you tell I am doing some serious procrastinating ?