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Friday, October 8

Had a Bad Day...

I am a bit grumpy today. That doesn't happen very often, but one thing that will trigger it every time is when I am overloaded. And right now I feel totally overwhelmed. I have a lot I have to get done, for both paying jobs and volunteer work. I have a lot I want to get done, for my business and my writing. And I have things I need to get done, like laundry and housework. Aargh, I am getting stressed just typing about it.

I am not the best multi-tasker in the world, which makes me wonder why I think I need to take on so much. I think my problem right now is that I work for myself, and I tend not to think of that as a "real" job. (And neither does anyone else.) So since I don't go to an office 8-5 every day, I think of my time as open. And I overschedule and overload myself. I also wonder why I am trying to get my design business up and running while simultaneously trying to get a jewelry business up and running and also wanting to complete the novel I began writing this spring. I wonder why I never have time to ride my scooter anymore and why I even own one. Or why it is October already and I haven't gone to the country or the pumpkin patch or an orchard on the beautiful weekend days. I wonder why it has to be such an effort to make a healthy home made dinner every night with foods that are acceptable on my very strict food plan. Which in turn makes me wonder why I even look for a "real" job when I need more hours in the day as it is.  And there it is, the shortness of breath. The anxiety. The worry.

Oh, well, just a little private Friday pity party. To top it all off I found out that my 82-year-old dad is having surgery next week due to a blockage (probably 90%) in his colon. Which could be dangerous due to the fact that he a) is 82 and b) has a heart condition. So tonight I told my hubby to go on with friends to the football game tonight and let me stay home to wallow in my misery. Tomorrow will be better and I am going to get out from behind this desk all day and enjoy life, give myself a little kick in the rear, and get back to a rational, sane, healthy diet. (After tomorrow I am done with the restricted diet until January!!) By Sunday, my attitude will be much better. Tonight, however, is made for sulking.

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