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Thursday, October 14

New Use For Comic Sans

Because I greatly rely on the use of sarcasm in my humor, I have wished for the longest time that there was a universal "sarcasm" font. I mean, think of it ALL CAPS IS LIKE YELLING, italics are like whispering, BOLD gets your point through in a William Shatner staccato way. So I ask you. Why do we NOT HAVE A sarcasm font?

Well, I have had it. I am hilariously funny, but only if you get that 80% of the time I am being sarcastic. **sarcasm** Cause I am highly intelligent that way.**again** I am tired of making this symbol ;). (Because it's like "just kidding" or "you know I'm joking". I am tired of doing the **insert sarcastic tone here** (see above) or #sarcasm (for my Tweepies).

Right here, right now I am officially dubbing Comic Sans the sarcasm font.  Because it is so well designed and makes you look like you know what you're doing. It's fancy. See? Darling of the design world and champion of the common man. Why even pay a professional to design your ads? Open up Word, slap this font on any flyer, advertisement, brochure or whatever you need and it will automatically look SO professionally designed. (In case you don't get it? I'M BEING SARCASTIC!!!)

Comic Sans. It's only for sarcasm now. Deal with it.
Seriously people, don't ever use it.


  1. If there was a universal sarcasm font, I'd never argue with my wife, have at least 52 more friends than I have now, and my teenage daughter would anger me even more than she does now.

    Comic Sans even sounds sarcastic. Spiderman would use comic sans. So would the late great comic, Bill Hicks. You're teh smeart, Tinfoil.

  2. I am so glad I "virtually" met you! You make me laugh so hard. And I am typing this in Verdana, the truthiness font.

  3. Truthiness font. You are one funny woman Sweet-Pea.