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Thursday, November 25

Giving of Unconventional Thanks

This has been a wonderful and spectacular year for me, for a lot of reasons. I have achieved a small form of enlightenment on many subjects that I have been working on for years. I feel that personal power that has been eluding my grasp for so long. It is happening. Things are happening. And I am so grateful for all of them. I have worked hard to get where I am now, spiritually, mentally, physically–nothing was given to me.

One of the most influential people I have met this year I met online. Judy over at ZebraSounds always has phenomenally written posts, the likes of which I can only dream of creating at this point. She had a wonderful post this week that inspired me to "borrow" her idea and create a list of my own.

She challenged everyone over there to create a list of "other" things for which you're grateful. You know, everyone names the big stuff, family, friends, health, job. Dig down and think of little, crazy things that make you happy, or smile, or just make getting through life easier. So I challenge all of you, as well. Thanks j for letting me borrow your idea.

Here is my Unconventional Thanks list:

1. Mike & Ikes I. LOVE. THEM. soooo much. (But had to give them up for weight loss.)
2. Weight loss-80 pounds this summer, thankful for my 12 weeks of iron willpower.
3. My girlfriends, who fill in all my empty spaces.
4. All the people I have met this year, both in person and online, who have both knowingly and unknowingly helped me completely change my life, my outlook, and my attitudes about myself. (this includes you, ms .j)
5. Being able to pay our bills. Even when it is “just barely”. Which is every month these days.
6. Leaving eff-ing Pennsylvania after 4 years and moving back to the south.
7. The ampersand & all of its uses. &&&&&&&&& In the right font, it’s a thing of beauty.
8. My sweet kitty who loves nothing more than sitting in my lap and sleeping all day.
9. Literacy. Books to read. The skill to write and express my feelings. Ability to talk to people coherently about what is going on in the world. Not everyone has it.
10. The President. I have a little crush on him. And he’s so much better than, well, you know. (OK, it’s a lot of a crush.)
11. Knowing that the right way to spell y'all is y'all and spelling it wrong anyway, ya'll, just cause I always do.
12. Knowing and believing that sweet potatoes are the orange ones and yams are the white ones. And they are both different varieties of yams. Dammit.

So, come on, ya'll. List your Unconventional Thanks. It is fun, surprising, and interesting what everyone comes up with. Oh, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Honestly.


  1. done, Happy Thanksgiving, go check mine out at my blog, u get a shoutout.

  2. I'm about to go respond to you at ZS, but I share your crush. Even when I'm mad at our president(which I am, a little, for his damned high-roadedness and inability to acknowledge that he's playing with cheaters), I still think he's the smartest guy in the room. And smart (on the right side) is hot.

    Okay, I thought of two more that I forgot to mention on my list.I'm grateful for all the writers I've met (including you, Ms M) who make me feel I'm part of a larger, thriving, amazing, creative community. (Used to be such a lonely cave I was in.) And I'm grateful for my magic camera which makes everyone think I am a magic photographer.

    (Felt that same way about you, by the way. Met you and thought, "Oh! Awesome find.") Happy Thanksgiving!