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Tuesday, November 30

How NOT to do NanoWrimo

Yep. I am a NanoWrimo winner. It's official I just uploaded and verified my 52,500 word manuscript. I am a winner, but so is everyone who wrote 50K this month. I have to say, when I think of it like that, and I am tired, and I wrote more words today than the I did the past two weeks, it seems a bit anti-climactic.

No cash prizes, not even a t-shirt. I finished Nano and all I got was this stupid blog badge.

But at the same time, while this victory means basically nothing to anyone who doesn't know about Nano, it is a huge thing with a lot of people in the writing community and it is a huge, big deal to me personally. I set a goal and followed through with it which is a good habit and one I am trying to keep. I almost gave up, and said well 25K (which is where I was on Friday) is more than I had before, I am just going to quit and not worry about it. But I kept pushing.

As it turned out, I woke up today and wrote approximately 15,000 words. That's a lot to write in one day. If you ever do Nano, don't do that.
This is not the way to do nanowrimo. See all the blue lines the same height? Days I didn't write at all-bad idea. Because today I had 15000 words to catch up in 36 hours.


  1. Congrats though, that's HUGE! I edited 50k words... does that count for anything? :)

  2. "I finished Nano and all I got was this stupid blog badge."...

    That's just funny.

  3. That is still a great accomplishment!

  4. Thanks all! I think the editing is going to be worse than the writing. It's kind of a mess. Guess that is what December is for, though.

    Michael, yes! I think so.

  5. I think that's fantastic. Even if you only enough about writing to blog, you can appreciate that kind of committment. Plus, finishing a goal is always so gratifying.

  6. congratulations. Technically I wrote a little over 26K and posted a little over 13K. I am debating on where to post the rest and finishe it all in decenber or not...just dont know.

    so proud for you and Tara and the rest. awesome

  7. Wow, 15k in a day. That is amazing! I think it's a big deal. I thought it was an amazing, personal, big f'ing deal when I did it (and I never did 15k in one day). You are awesome. And you did it while you were still doing all your other stuff too.

    You rock!

  8. Awww! Thanks, j! I think it's a big effing deal too. But don't be impressed with the 15K as it is just 15K of words. I am going to spend months trying to tie everything together. And I am still wearing a hand brace.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am glad to be done and get back to my much-neglected blog.