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Sunday, February 20


Today's post is my entry into this week's 100 Word Challengehosted by Velvet Verbosity. The 100 Word Challenge is an exercise in which we write exactly 100 words in response to the weekly prompt word. Click the link to read the other entries–good stuff over there! 

This week's prompt was "obsession". 
NOTE: This is an excerpt from a  piece I have been working with for a while, I refined it to fit 100 words and still keep the general feeling.To those reading this who know me, no I am not a stalker. (Not that I haven't cruised an ex-boyfriend's house back in the day.) I was inspired by a story I saw of an obsessed mistress who followed her lover's every move. I couldn't help but think "who has time for that kind of thing?" I mean seriously, that is some kind of commitment. I can't even get to the gym every day.

I Think I will Stalk You
Drive by your house
just to see if you're there
Walk down your street
to exactly where

you work every day
your window, the blinds.
I know where you eat,
you're so easy to find,

Wait at the post office
you frequent each day.
Maybe the library
just down the way

From where you live
with your cute little wife.
Happy as can be,
she's living my life.

Yes, I'll walk down your street,
lurk at the corner,
drive by your house,
befriend your wife.

So I think I will stalk you.
And then I realize,

I have lunch plans.


  1. poignant . . .
    and then . . .

    lunch plans! Yes! I like it Ms. Marsha.

  2. it reads like a Liz Phair song...thats a compliment

  3. This is just great. All that grand devotion, then an "Oh, well, never mind." Ha! LOL. I just love it.

  4. Is it bad that I laughed out loud when I got to the last line?

  5. hehe. Funny when you guys pull a surprise ending when you only have 100 words. :)

  6. I love the way you end it...it's just not worth the effort! LOL

  7. Lance, hubby can tell you how big I smiled when he read me that comment. HUGE compliment, and I didn't even use the f word. ;)

    Lori, no exactly what I was going for.

    Rhyme-exactly it. I don't get it.

  8. Oh, and thank you all. I was a bit nervous about posting it.

  9. You had me on the edge of my seat until that last line, then I fell over laughing. Great build up and finish.

  10. Now, that I've thought about it, not only does it read like Liz, but throwing a F bomb or 3 might have made it too good. usually I don't support that, but, it's Liz and you. Again, good work.

  11. Loved the volte face in the last line.
    As Welsh stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert says, "Choose who you stalk carefully- because you have to do what they do!"