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Thursday, December 1

10 Things I Hate

I have to admit, I am not your normal everyday American citizen. I have had a strange and interesting life full of strange and interesting people, places, and events. And it ain't over yet.

I have opinions that are my own, and I am not afraid to express them. I have beliefs that are my own, and I am not embarrassed to defend them. I like things that other people find weird (apparently) and things that are embraced by the masses do not always appeal to me.

I will admit sometimes this is just a stubborn "I don't wanna be like everyone else" attitude (like with the iPhone) but sometimes it's just that I really don't get or like said thing. For instance, last night I was talking with someone who REALLY loves the Beatles.

Now, I know. They are iconic. Hallowed ground. I get it. Legends, changed music, society, all that. I give them respect. But I? Don't care for the Beatles. There I said it. Call me un-American or whatever. I just don't like them, particularly the later stuff.

I will admit, I have immense respect for Paul McCartney as a singer/songwriter, and I love his later music. I have so much admiration for John Lennon who I feel died way too soon and could have changed the world. I can't even THINK the lyrics of "Imagine" without getting a lump in my throat.  I have respect for the drumming of Ringo Starr and I loved George Harrison's solo stuff in the 80's. But seriously. Yellow Submarine? Could there BE a worse song?

Not that anyone cares, but I feel in a confessing sort of mood today. Here's a list of 10 other things I hate that most people like:

1. Glee the tv show not the emotion which I am very much in favor of.
I just do NOT get it. I don't. I've watched it, I've tried to like it, I even wanted to like it because everyone was raving about it. I just don't. No matter how much I love Jane Lynch, the show is irredeemable to me.

2. Fight Club the movie not an actual fight club which I am neutral on.
My blogger buddy Lance (over at MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog) will get me for this one. I don't get it. At all. I don't get it to the infinite boundaries of not getting things. I never saw it when it first came out, but husband and I watched it recently and I was just stunned at the fact that every man I've met worships this movie about randomly pummeling your friends. I couldn't help thinking the entire way through that it was the single most homo-erotic movie I've watched (and far less redeeming Brokeback Mountain, which I think is one of the most heartbreaking love stories ever). But that's just me.

3. NASCAR 'nuff said, you know what I'm talkin' bout
I can't even really write comments here. EVERYONE I know seems to love watching cars go round and round and round. It's a lifestyle here in the south and I promise you the most unexpected people are NASCAR fans, so I will just say. Again. I don't get it. And leave it at that. I do need a job at some point in the future, and I fear anti-NASCAR remarks showing up in a google search will kill my chances far quicker than any nude photo ever would.

4. Gone With the Wind yeah, you heard me!
This one will get my southerner card revoked. Quick. But I think that movie is a total snooze. Despite that, as a master procrastinator and lazy southern women who wants to be pampered, Scarlett is my hero! I wish I could be that clueless and impractical.

5. 16 and 17  18  what? 19 and Counting? seriously???
I could go on for days about the disgust I have for this family/show/husband. I see nothing admirable or attractive about these people and how they have  he has chosen to litter the world with their offspring, but it's probably best just to say. Again. I don't get it. Same with Kate plus 8 but for very different reasons.

6. Pretty much every old movie, like, ever. Black and white, color, it doesn't matter.
I will admit I am a product of my generation. Old movies move way too slow for me. I always tried to like them because when I was younger I tended to date guys who were into things like that. But it wasn't until I saw the movie Crash that I realized why. They are just too slow for me. I don't like them and it's....ok.

7. Brad Pitt the actor/heartthrob, not the activist
I feel somehow less womanly admitting this. I do not find Brad Pitt attractive in any sort of sexual way. He does wonderful work with his money, so good on him. I think he's pretty, and that's fine. And I've been told (mostly by People magazine) he's sexy, but I don't see it. And honestly? I don't think he's that great of an actor. . Angelina, however, goes on my list of girl crushes. She's amazing.

8. Line "Dancing" ...seriously...
White people. This is not dancing. Stop it. Immediately.

9. Twilight "tread lightly, Marsha. you WILL be attacked by Team Edward."
Ok. I really have to think through my hatred of all things Twilight just to realize whether I really dislike it or if I am merely reacting to the over the top-ed-ness of the fandom. The first I knew/heard about it was by watching a report on Stephenie Meyer on CBS Sunday Morning. I was amazed and completely impressed that she had picked up and written and gotten published her first novel. And had such overwhelming success, it's pretty amazing. And to hear her talking about the books, I was impressed and intrigued by her changes and the fresh take on the vampire world.

But then, I read the first book. Well, attempted to read it. It was very imaginative but I just didn't like it. I am no literary genius, and I hate reading books that are too wordy and complicated, but I just didn't like her writing. At all. And then, I was dragged to see the second installment in the movie theatre and oh, wow. What horrible acting, Bella. You need to eat something, Edward and oh, by the way, you are far too pretty. What boring dialogue. I couldn't stand it and I couldn't sit through another one. This however stands as a testament of my love for the 2 girlfriends who I went with to see it.

10. Ventriloquists
Seriously, this is just creepy beyond any explanation. I don't understand the fascination that led an America's Got Talent ventriloquist to win his own show in Las Vegas. Don't get me wrong. Out of all the ventriloquists out there? Terry Fator is far and away the most highly impressive one I've ever seen. But seriously, folks! It's a grown man with his hand up a puppet's ass pretending he's not just talking to some imaginary friend. It's not right.

So that's it. I could go on but let me just get in all the trouble I can get into with these first 10. I really do feel much better getting it off my chest. How about you? Anything the whole world loves that you hate?


  1. I agree with everything but the Beatles (it's what happned BECAUSE of them) , Fight Club and old movies.

    I'll address Fight Club. Chuck Palachuik, who, wrote the book, is gay or least bisexual. The homoeroticism is a thing but it isn't what the book and movie are about. It's about not letting your world define you. Making your damn way, your own damn way. It stripping down everything life had taught you that was wrong and finding your own truth.....plus....getting hit in the face teaches you as much as readinga book does. It gives you perspective.

    Fight Club is great. The book is like a religious experience.

    I like old movies because i can imitate the speech patterns and annoy everyone in my house.

    Great post

  2. Thanks, Cake! I cannot judge based on the fact that a) I never read the book and b) I am a girl. Allegedly. (see #7 above) and I definitely respect your opinion. I am glad it gave you that perspective, as we all need to realize that. I just didn't get that from the movie. At all.

    Thanks so much for reading and for the retweet and not hating me! :) And I don't disagree with your comment on the Beatles. As far as old movies go, I do love a good Hitchcock movie.