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Saturday, December 31

Thorns, Roses, Rosebuds 2011 edition

My tweepie @jana0926 is once again doing her annual "Thorns, Roses, and Rosebuds" post and I am going to participate again. You can read her full story of where it comes from at jana's thinking place. She challenged her readers to do a similar post, so this is mine. One thorn, two roses and three rosebuds.

Thorn = a not-so-fun/bad/sad thing that happened
Rose = the highlight, a wonderful thing that happened this year
Rosebud = something you are looking forward to for next year

Thorn- My thorn. Well, I think for me it is the disappointment in myself for letting so many things slide. This blog, first and foremost. I just haven't put the time, thought and effort into it that I was previously investing. But there are other things in my life I've let slide too, for instance exercising and going to the gym, taking classes, writing my daily pages, and keeping up with my google reader and all the blogs of all my buddies that I love reading every week. 
( I am purposely avoiding the still-a-thorn financial situation because I am just sick of thinking about it)

Roses- My first rose for 2011 is the writing opportunity I have had this year. I've been writing feature stories on a regular basis for our hometown newspaper. I actually started late in 2010, but I am still going to count it as a rose for this year. I know it's goofy, and it's just a small town paper, and it's nothing big or life changing or bank account padding. But you know what? I freaking love it! And I get a check. For writing! Wow, I just can't tell you how that is such a dream come true for me.

My second rose for this year is...well...it's hard to say. It just hasn't been an over-the-top year for us in any way. I guess the second rose is that my husband and I have opened up a line of communication and are being much more open with each other than ever before. We've always been extremely close, and reaching a new level after 17+ years of marriage isn't easy, but this has added a new level to our relationship and I am so thankful for this.

Rosebuds- My first rosebud for 2012 is that maybe, possibly, hopefully... there might just be a light at the end of the financial tunnel. I hope. I also hope it's not just the train.

My second rosebud is that I am looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new things and going to new places this year. My writing for the newspaper has allowed me to meet people I never would have otherwise and I LOVE it. I am learning that everyone really does have a story, and I consider myself lucky to be the one to tell it.

My third rosebud is an opportunity I have to do more writing in what is a new medium for me. I remember the days when I never wanted anyone to read the pieces I wrote. Now? I love sharing my thoughts. And I love getting paid for it.

And I love all my friends, bloggy friends, tweepies, and readers. Heres a glass raised to kicking 2011 in the ass!!! And I hope your 2012 is full of blooms!


  1. I love it! Here's to a fabulous 2012 for all of us! Thanks for joining in! xoxo

  2. Happy New Year Marsha. I hope you and the huzbin are ringing in a better year. I miss you on the internets.

    So glad you posted.

    Cheers to you and '12