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Tuesday, April 27

No, it wasn't Almond Delight

I didn't sleep at all last night. (and no, I wasn't thinking of breakfast cereal-anyone remember that commercial or is it just me?). The temp dipped down a bit yesterday and I have long since turned the heat OFF in this house. It was a bit cool when we went to bed and I just couldn't get warmed up at all. I didn't want to get up and go ALL the way across the house to turn on the heat, but I suddenly realized that our electric blanket was still on the bed! YES!!! (don't judge) So I reached over and clicked it on, happily warming up enough to drift off around 1am, only to wake up at 5:30am to roasting like a chestnut in December. Apparently something (most likely the box of summer clothes I had to pull out last week) was on the cord, so when I turned on the blanket I couldn't see the dial and had to guess where the heat setting was. Not recommended. Didn't sleep much. Part of my sleeplessness could also have been attributed to a late-day cup of coffee that I just "had" to have around 4pm. Note to self: you MUST observe the "Decaf after 3pm" rule. Yes, I am one HUNdred years old. Speaking of which, I met last night with a small group of people from high school to begin planning our 25th reunion later in the year. Ugh. That is just obscene, did I really type that? I think at some point you should be allowed to stop counting and just put out an open call for the reunions. Something like, everyone in the 70's or all the 80's all at once. Or just "Old Farts Reunion, September 3, we won't tell if you won't". Might be a bit easier on the ego, just sayin'. I guess I should feel lucky. My mom, who just turned 75, has a reunion every year because they are down to like 10 people and they never know who will survive the next 5 years. Allright, well, the rain persists. While I was up so late I went ahead and finished up Stephanie Snowe's book (Meeting Mr. Wrong) around midnight so I guess it's on to the next. I am trying to pick up the reading these days, devouring any and everything in my path. 14 books so far this year. I highly recommend Steph's book for a good, quick read. The girl is hilarious and her subject matter will be appreciated by anyone who has EVER dated a complete loser. Or a parade of losers. **guilty** But that is a story for another day. My life, honestly...

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  1. Look at you girl!! :)

    Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad you liked the book.

    And I'm so jealous you've read 14 books this year! I think I've read 2. So busy and so behind. :(