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Friday, April 30

Oh, wait? There's an option for that?

Oprah, I love ya'. Really I do. I've hung with ya' since 1987, when Mom and I used to make s'mores every day and watch your show and lament the fact that we just moved to a new town and didn't have any friends. I've hung with ya' through hairstyles and weight loss and weight gain and marathons and more weight loss and weight gain again. I have read your books, eaten your diets, cried at your heroes, laughed at your friend Gale. But here is where I draw the line, Ms. Oprah Winfrey.
Now hear this: I am not signing the No Phone Zone pledge. I do not text when I am driving, except maybe at a stoplight or something, and while I agree about how dangerous that is I just don't think talking on my phone on a headset is any huge distraction. Certainly it isn't more dangerous than driving with 2 screaming kids in the back and a vcr blasting in your ear while trying to dig a pacifier and toys from the diaper bag propped precariously behind the passenger seat. The day they outlaw that, I'm with ya'. Until then, as far as my car being a No Phone Zone? They can have my cell phone when they pry it from my cold, dead hand.

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