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Tuesday, May 4

Headphones, Please!?

Posting late due to catch up from having my day hijacked yesterday. Hubs got the adult version of a "snow day" when the plant where he works had to close due to flooding. GAAAAAHHHH! I love him, really I do, but I have been waiting all weekend for my writing window to open on Monday morning, and good grief! He was so wound up and excited at an unexpected day off. 
So I say, "I am just gonna write for a couple hours, to keep my routine. Can we keep the TV off? OK?" 
Him "yeah, I will just sit here and work on the computer" 

Then it was flood coverage on TV, YouTube videos, laughing, Todd Snider(who I love, but still), Bob Dylan (who I can not stand), talking to me, giving me updates. Arrrgh! 

I finally had to say, "Just until 11, please, could you put on headphones?" I felt like a total creep.

As for the current condition of my fair city of Nashville, I am saddened and completely overwhelmed with emotion. I love that city SO much. I love it BAD! (as Stephanie would say) I consider it my adopted hometown after living there for almost 20 years. Do NOT mess with Nashville, flood waters, you will lose. I am alternating between feeling afraid for my friends who live there, sorry for the victims and families who have been displaced, thankful for myself that we aren't having to deal with it (how's that for honesty), disheartened and angry at the lack of national awareness from the media, and just amazed at the volunteer spirit and resilience that exists among the people who live there. 

So, that's it! Today I am just playing catch-up and trying to get my life back on schedule. Seems like my daily to-do list that gets longer and more detailed the more I cross off...how does that happen? If I could just get my parents to quit stopping by unannounced. Sunday, we were sitting in our PJ's watching flood coverage and the pouring rain outside. All of a sudden we hear honking in the driveway. The 'rents are stopping by to take us to lunch. Unexpectedly. Without calling. In the pouring rain. My life, honestly...