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Wednesday, May 19

C'mon Down

Money is tight for us right now and I, of course, use laughter to deal with the stress. I was telling Hubs that I saw the most brilliant idea for a business in a nearby college town. The "Wash & Tan"–a laundromat with tanning beds. Now, I am not a tanning bed person at. all. I am perfectly happy with my bonny Irish skin, but I know how girls do like to get their tan on. To me this business is one of the most brilliant combos I ever have seen. Think about it, college girls (and guys) can tan and launder at the same time? "Beyond original," I thought "they must do quite a business!" While I was revelling in this idea, days later, hubby burst my bubble by telling me there is already such a business in our hometown. This one, however, has upped the ante a bit by adding a car wash with the original laundromat/tanning bed combo. Even more brilliant!

I, of course, felt challenged to think of a better combo. Every time we drive through town we talk about some of the funny combination businesses that you see in small towns. Like the pawn shop/chicken shack or the check cashing/pawn shop/church that we pass by every day. The best, and most concerning are the fireworks/gas station combos. Who on earth thought this one up? And how is it legal? Oh, and there's also the Subway/gas station/church combo although I am not sure if they are all together or merely share a building. But I digress.

We came up with what I think is a brilliant idea for our small, religious, pageant queen raisin' Southern town. A church/tanning bed combo, which would be billed as follows:

The Greater Church of God's Goodness Repent 'N Tan

Pastor Skip on duty 24-7 to hear your sins and offer you
5-15 minutes in the bed of your choice– #1-5 or the all new, super-hot #666 (El Diablo)

60 minute packages available for confession, tanning, or the deluxe combo package at 10% off. 

We sell Bibles, Rosary beads in wood or faux crystal (for our Catholic neighbors) as well as a full line of Hawaiian Tropic Tanning products.

"We accept all competitors coupons"

Visa/MasterCard always accepted, but of course cash is preferred–just drop it  in the collection plates by the door.

Well, OK, maybe not. I suppose it wouldn't be that good for me seeing as I am unaffiliated, religiously speaking and I don't tan either. But, it is still better than my idea for a "dance" club catering to men with a fetish for the big girls with a pie shop next door. Hmmm...or is it?


  1. My favorite combo (although they just shared the building) was the pet grooming salon/ church. I figure there was no pet grooming going on when church was meeting in the other half of the building, but I always wondered if the building still smelled faintly of wet dog.

  2. That is great! I can only imagine. I just love seeing things like that.