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Thursday, May 6

No, Virginia, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Somewhere I lost a day this week. I am not really sure where or how it happened. Due to the flooding in the area, hubby had the day off on Monday, and I think that set my whole week behind in my head. So, I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday. Which is not all that surprising, I guess, since I am pretty sure I was still drunk from last night. 

Cinco de Mayo was heartily celebrated in this Southern town last night. Yep, that's right. While my friends sipped on giant mugs of American beer, I myself ordered not one but two fishbowl margaritas, and decided to eat only chips in a (probably unsuccessful) attempt to offset the calories. Now what better way to celebrate? 

So, on Tuesday I had the immense pleasure of spending the afternoon with my 3 3/4 year old nephew. He is the smartest little thing and just keeps me in stitches. I swear I could write an entire page on how funny he can be, so how could you not be in a good mood after that. We roamed around at my mom and dads house, and after his mom picked him up I drove back out there to visit with my mom. 

She had her other cataract surgery this week and I am happy to report that the squinting/covering pirate-method is no longer necessary. Whew! However she is constantly wearing those giant, dark old-people sunglasses, even in the house. She was pleased to report to me that she had 22 vision (me: mom, I think you mean 20/20. her: well, whatever the good one is) and was feeling really good about getting them done. So, anyway, knowing that I was already a day behind for the week (you may ask: how can you be a day behind when you don't have employment, but more about scheduling at another time) I told her while I was there that I would probably be busy at home on Wednesday trying to get some things done that didn't get done on Monday. I just like to let her know these things in advance, and I was also trying a feeble attempt at exercising LG's advice about boundaries. The Mom doesn't know about those. at. all.
Sure enough, on Wednesday morning around 9:30 my phone rings and it is Mom. When I answer she immediately says "are you busy???" Well, my mom isn't the sort that you can say "yes, I am writing" or "I am working on a design" or "researching" to, so I said, "well, not at the moment, what's up?" thinking something might be wrong.

Mom: "oh, well I thought you said yesterday that you were going to be busy today so I told your dad I better call to find out if you were busy today so we didn't call and bother you." Wha-aaah? I wish I had an explanation, I am still trying to figure this one out, 36 hours later. Anyway, I say "Mom, I am trying to get stuff done around this house, and I was out all day yesterday so I am busy, just here at home."

Then, 10:30 another call. Mom: "I wanted to ask you if you want to go to a mother daughter luncheon this Saturday. Your aunt invited us." me: "yes, sure I will go with you if you'd like." 

Mom: "oh, good I will pick you up at 9am on Saturday" me: "are you OK to drive?"
Mom: "yes, the doctor said I am but if you're scared of me then you drive and I will give you gas money." me: "no, just asking" then, after thoughtful consideration, 
me: "is this a church thing?" Mom: "well, your cousin is hosting it, but it is AT the church." 
me: "Aaaaah.....OK, I have to go now, I am in the middle of painting, I will see you Saturday." d'oh! (this is a problem for me. when will I learn: church+my mom=stress for me. always. ask. first.)

So then, around 11:30 (yes) the phone rings again. It is my brother "mom and dad wanted me to call to see if you want to go to lunch with us." My life? Honestly, I can't make this stuff up.

I love my mom and my dad, really I do. They can be quite a handful but I am thankful for everything they have done for me/given me/etc. I am grateful to still have them with me and I am glad to be closer to them now, when they are in their 70's and 80's.  But I didn't go to lunch.

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