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Friday, May 7

My Amy, Mon Amie

Today is my friend Amy's birthday. Amy is the one friend who comes the closest to having known me and been friends with me all my life. My family moved around. A lot. By the time I hit FS Middle in 1981 I had been in 4 different school systems. That doesn't even consider the 3 states I lived in prior to starting school. And this time we moved in January. Right in the middle of the school year and right before 8th grade graduation. Up until then, the moves hadn't really been that difficult. I was always sad to leave friends behind, but I usually adjusted pretty well. This time, however, I was really not happy and I don't remember but I am sure I let my dad have it like only a 13 year old can. So, I guess he was trying to make it up to me when he came home one night just prior to us moving and told me about a lady he met while out on his sales route. She had a daughter my age and he was very sure we'd be friends if I would only make sure I meet her once I get to the new school.

So, it happened somehow that we ended up in the same homeroom, despite the fact that I was a "P" in a roomful of "A-J"'s. I did introduce myself within my first couple of days and we did hit it off. I was so distraught at missing my old school's very "formal" commencement from 8th grade to high school that dad promised to take me out for a fancy dinner after our school year ended. He, of course, invited Amy and that was the beginning of a friendship that I had no idea would last close to 30 years, and hopefully will for 30 more! I have been through a lot with my Amy. A. Lot. And while most of our friendship has been spent with us being miles apart, we always have managed to pick up where we left off whenever we see each other, which to me is the sign of a true friendship.

With our recent move back to our hometown I am fortunate to be able to see Amy more frequently. It is always surprising to me seeing her as a business woman, a community leader, and a mother and Mimi. She is such an inspiring woman and I am so happy her friends here adopted me too. But I still think of her as that 13 year old girl who was my friend when no one else wanted to talk to me. Happy Birthday, Mon Amie! I hope you've had a wonderful day.

Amy and I on the first of many of our family vacations together. She was always like a 3rd child in the Peyton family! This picture is, to me, the true essence of the both of us. Amy all ladylike and me not giving a crap sprawled out everywhere. And sunburned. And who is that random guy? Is it Chachi from Happy Days?

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