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Friday, May 14

5,840 Days

5,840 days, 16 years since I decided that I would spend the remainder of my life with my hubs.

To have and to hold.

For Better : The vacations in Jamaica, San Francisco, Colorado, NYC, DC, and so many other places. All the Friday date nights, concerts, fireworks, my graduation.  Best of all, the day we got the call about moving home to KY.

Or Worse: Hubs almost dying in a plane crash in 2000, the deaths of all his grandparents, and most of all his father, living and dealing with my depression, the early years when we spent so much time away from each other, and the move to PA.

For Richer: Though never "rich" there have been easy times when we had a very comfortable savings account, all our bills paid, owned a home and had our vehicles paid for. Those were the days.

Or Poorer: When we first married, times were really tough and the budget was tight. Somehow we always got through it OK. When we needed money for something, it always came from somewhere-one of us would get a raise or a bonus or something. In fact, it's kinda like that now thanks to this crappy economy and selling 2 homes within the last 18 months. Oh, yeah, and me being in school for 2 years and not working. But I know we'll make it just fine.

In Sickness: See worse, above, 18 month recovery from plane crash, miscellaneous surgeries, my 2 years suffering with depression and being a total shrew, migraines, ankle pains, and general old age.

and In Health: From reading the above this is apparently the other maybe... 10 days out of the year.

To Love: I loved him since I was 12. It just took him until we were 25 to figure it out.

and to Cherish: (assuming the definition of care and affection) We only touch each other out of love, never anger, and we do not hesitate to show affection around others. But not in that weird, creepy, annoying throw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little way, of course.

Forsaking All Others: So far, so good. We have ultimate trust in one another.

Until Death Parts Us: We've defied this once, but we'll see. If he's made it through this far, I've got him hooked for good.

And then, there's tonight while watching Survivor. Me: I didn't remember her getting kicked off last week. Why did I think it was Rupert? Hubs: Crack? 

Thanks, Honey, I love you too! That death parting thing? Yeah, it just got one step closer.

Happy Anniversary, Pookie! Here's to another 16 years sleeping with the same man!