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Thursday, April 29

Hey, Brownie, will you shave my armpits for me?

Today I had the most screamingly hilarious lunch, sans alcohol, that I've had in a long while. These women who have allowed me into their friendship with open arms are some of the funniest I ever have know. As someone who is used to always being the "funny one" in any group I'm in, it is such a relief to be entertained so well, and to have people in my life (other than the hubs) who actually get my sense of humor.

I remember when we first moved to Pennsylvania, almost 4 years ago. I felt so lost and alone, so different from everyone there. I didn't know what to do or where to go to meet people. I didn't know my way around, or even what I would do if I did find something somewhere. I had a great group of friends in Nashville and I missed them all so much, even the few who I didn't see every day were an important part of my life. I spent the first six months of PA life in a consistent daily calling circle made up of my mom, my two best friends at the time, and my former boss. Bless their hearts, if they didn't hear from me by lunchtime they would pick up the phone and call to make sure I was OK. I truly do not know how I would have made it without them and their daily phone calls. Despite this lifeline I quickly fell into a serious depression.

I remember one cold Friday night in, like, May hubby and I went out to a local bar to have beer and wings. There was a table at the back of the room with about 9 women crowded around it. They were laughing, drinking, and basically having a good time and being loud. I was overcome with sadness about not having any girlfriends to spend time with, being so far away from home, and just what I was missing being so far from home. It just killed me because no matter how much you might love your husband, you gotta have your girls. Apparently I couldn't stop looking at the table full of women laughing and having fun because eventually hubs asked "Do you wanna just go over there, or are you gonna quit staring anytime soon?" And I did. I did want to go over there. So. Bad.

There were times in Pennsylvania that I thought I might never get home, home being anywhere that I had friends and people who understood me. Despite that, I said to myself every morning when I got up "I think of this as a temporary exile." I am so glad that is what it turned out to be. I accomplished many things while I was there, and for those things I am grateful. I got my Associates in Graphic Design, I got help for my depression through talk therapy with a wonderful counselor (which it ends up I should have had years ago anyway), I met some very interesting people, and I got to see NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other NorthEastern cities for the very first time. But the best thing I got in Pennsylvania was getting the hell out of there.

So when I came back to live in my hometown after being away for a total of something like 20 years, I was afraid I would go through the same thing with finding friends here. However, I have a group of ladies who have accepted me with open arms because (initially I am sure) of their relationships with my best friend-from-forever and my sister-in-law. But truthfully, I think they let me stay around because they like me, and I bring something of my own to the group. Either way, I am forever grateful to have all of them in my life, and I owe them a million thanks for making me feel so welcome that it feels like I've been here forever. Amy, Brownie, Pam, Debbie, Jerilyn, Rachel and Sharon thanks for a fun lunch today, and thanks for being my new besties! I have the most fun with ya'll no matter what we do, and besides that you are the only people in the world who have stories that can make MY family look like the normal one on the block!

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