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Wednesday, April 28

This almost never happens. No, really!

After not sleeping Monday night, I overslept today by about...I don't know, 3 hours or so...yeaaaaah. Now, before you judge me, I do have a goal to be up by 7am every day but I only set an alarm when I have somewhere I have to be. I guess that's one of the few perks of being unemployed (or "working freelance" as we artists call it). However, when I get up this late, I usually feel as if I must have missed something by being so lazy. In my defense, I really only got about 4 hours sleep the previous night, I am not just a total sloth lying in bed until 10am. But when it does happen I can usually count on either a) my phone being full of messages from my mom, husband or best friend or b) my email box racking up messages. Usually, without fail, when I have overslept there will be waiting for me at least one of either a) or b) requiring me to be somewhere within 30 minutes of the time I rolled out of bed, causing me to show up with unwashed hair and sheet marks creased all over my arms, and sometimes wearing the previous day's clothes. What is it about us that wants to deny that we've taken the luxury of sleeping in? When you answer the phone and they say, "did I wake you?" at 11 am we never, ever would say "yeah, I am sleeping, call back 'round 3". Sometimes I tell people after the fact just to see the look of pure astonishment on their faces. I just sit back and smile knowing it is coming. And when I tell them I spend the first 2-3 hours of the day writing, well that just really blows them out of the water. So here's the scenario today: 10:15 Hubs calls. Him: "...did I wake you UP?" Me: "NO, of COURSE NOT!" ... "OK, no, but in the interest of full disclosure I did sleep until 10." Him: (silence, then)... "HON-ey!" Call #2 is my mom at 11:30 Her: "What are you up to today?" Knowing better than to think she'd understand the real answer (which is writing), Me: "Oh, nothing, just laying around." Her: "LAYING AROUND!!!!!" There is such shock in her voice I say: "Yeah, why, what are you doing?" Her: "Oh, I'm just layin' around like a chicken with lice droppin' off it." ???wha-at??? This strikes me as completely hilarious for some unknown reason. I am laughing uncontrollably and say: "Mom...you are watching TOO much Dr. Phil. And so if you're laying around then, why are you busting me for laying around?" Her: "You're just usually wrapped up in something by now."" **Sigh** And on it goes. My cell phone starts ringing around 10 am and is like this all day. My life, honestly... So, the way I see it is this. I can't help it if I can't find a job in my field (graphic design). I am looking, interviewing, doing everything possible short of settling on something I completely hate, like something in my former field, accounting. So for now, in order to develop myself as a disciplined writer I can work at my new side business selling jewelry, help pay some bills, and concentrate on things that I want to do. So, don't harsh me when I sleep in a little bit. Anybody need a good graphic designer?

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